The eMentoring platform is an online program designed to facilitate the connection of aspiring Indigenous professionals and entrepreneurs with mentors experienced in their field of interest. 

eMentoring is an initiative of Barayamal, Australia's Indigenous Business Accelerator - now know as a world leader in Indigenous Entrepreneurship. 

How it works

  1. Mentee searches for a mentor.
  2. Submit a mentor request.
  3. Mentor accepts request (if available).
  4. Mentoring partnership begins...

You will be a part of an action-orientated network of highly skilled and experienced volunteers (entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators and academics) that are making a real difference.

All mentors volunteer their time to the program and Barayamal makes no payment to and receives no payment from any participants in the program.

Barayamal's role is to facilitate the beginning of the mentoring relationship at which point responsibility for the fostering and growth of the relationship passes to the Mentor and Mentee.